Welcome to Jack Spades Startup Studio
We are a global collective of entrepreneurs and partners building startups.
We believe that the best way to solve humanity’s most pressing problems is to align entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations on a common vision from day one.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve launched dozens of startups. As community builders, we’ve connected thousands of humans. As investors, we’ve backed many of them. As storytellers, we’ve worked with household names like BMW, Adidas, and Red Bull.

Today, we’re on a mission to bring all of these populations together to build and launch startups that matter.
What We Do
Build Startups
Leveraging our global networks of entrepreneurs, partners, and investors to build and launch successful ventures from scratch.
Intensive multi-day workshops with our corporate partners to build a foundation of sparking new ideas, validating them, and uncovering ways to increase profitability and build resilience.
Seed Investing
Backing entrepreneurs and teams that solve wicked problems by enhancing the human experience.
If you are ready to build resiliency and discover new revenue streams in your business, an innovation workshop is the best place to start.

Our virtual workshops are designed to jumpstart the process of uncovering your best opportunities and provide a tangible roadmap of next steps for your company to take.

Together, we build a foundation for your organization to be equipped with the resilient mindset and tools needed to thrive in this new world.
Next availability: August 2020
Companies We've Partnered With or Founded
Who We Can Help
Mid-Market Corporations
Who do not want to miss the opportunity to innovate, increase profitability, and build a resilient future.
Entrepreneurs + Builders
Who are eager to start with the problem, de-risk the process, and dig their teeth into their next project.
Mentors + Advisors
Who are ready to be part of the future of work, and engage with entrepreneurs at the ground level.
Pre-Launch Businesses
Who are in need of capital, some serious strategy, design, development, or team building.
Private Equity Firms
Looking to grow, expand their portfolio, or turn around a company toward a liquid event. 
Accredited investors and firms who are interested in participating in our fund.
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