Our Credo
We founded Jack Spades Startup Studio on the simple belief that in order to solve humanity’s most pressing problems, entrepreneurs and corporations need to speak the same language. Our mission is to bridge the gap by building a global community of entrepreneurs and partners, and provide all of the resources needed to build and launch startups from scratch, backed by our corporate partners. 

We place incredible value on curiosity and being lifelong learners, and providing more value to the world than we take. We’re brutally dedicated to our craft and seek accountability and radical transparency above all else. Plus, we often stay up all night envisioning the future that we all hope to live, and design every aspect of our business model and culture to reflect this vision. 

We use our startup building experience to guide our strategies, products, and team building efforts. We use our community building experience to identify, mobilize, and empower the world’s most talented humans. We use our love for great storytelling and superior design to touch hearts and souls. And we absolutely love a strong cup of coffee. 

Ultimately, we see empowerment, resources, and expertise as a virtuous cycle. With the right combination of each, humans have the power to not only deliver enormous financial returns, but to make a lasting mark on humanity along the way.

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