Become a Jack Spades mentor.
Meaningful, personal, and respectful mentorship is one of the core pillars of Jack Spades. 
Who is a Jack Mentor?
We look for thoughtful and loving individuals, with deep industry, investment, and/or entrepreneurial experience. You have a deep interest in supporting new innovation, building for the future, and living a life of abundance. 

By volunteering three-to-five hours per month (mostly through short video calls), you will have the chance to work closely with one or two Entrepreneurs-in-Residence every year.

Additionally, this provides you with access to change-makers from around the world and the opportunity to become a Strategic Advisor for their ventures.
What makes for a successful mentor?
Successful Jack Spades mentors are authentic, direct, optimistic, empathetic, and willing to show up. You understand the importance of challenging founders and pushing them to be better. You also value and respect the positive energy it can bring into your own life. You hold information in confidence and clearly separate opinion from fact. 

Parting Words
There are many reasons to become a mentor, so it always helps to know your why. Our mentors are not financially compensated until they become an advisor. The best mentors expect nothing in return. 
If you believe in what we are building and would like to apply to join our global collective, we’d love to hear from you. 
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