Find the customers you'll love with Waldo.

If you don't know Jack, how can you expect to find Waldo?

Find the customers you'll love with Waldo.

If you don't know Jack, how can you expect to find Waldo?

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Personal data must be protected. We believe that data rights are human rights.

As a team of storytellers and data scientists at Jack Spades, we set out to create an honest, legal, authentic, and human way of finding qualified leads—person to person. Additionally, every person on our team is based in North America.

Every business needs new customers, but we decided that we would only do lead generation for ourselves, and for our clients, if we could connect with people in both an ethical and transparent manner. We were determined to use technology and data for good, in order to help connect the dots between people and the companies that they want to support.

We have found a new way to curate honest and high quality leads.

Waldo is only for the ethical companies that provide products and services which people actually need. It is our belief that great marketing and lead generation can only be done, when a company creates true value for its customers.

Waldo focuses on signal. Not noise.

Like Rory Sutherland brilliantly puts: Military strategy is in some ways very much like marketing—you can’t be conventionally logical as a military strategist, because the enemy will be able to predict what you are going to do.

We conduct a series of discovery meetings with our clients in order to understand their market, their goals, and the personas of their ideal clients. We then conduct our own research, and make sure that we are always thinking about how to treat people in a fair and respectful manner.

Using our proprietary framework we enter in our findings from the client discovery meetings and research process, to collect and organize the appropriate public data points. This takes a very manual and honest process and automates it. 100% of this work is done by our team in North America.

Once we have our initial lists, we run every lead through a manual scoring process based on the client's industry, market position, and ideal customer. These scoring categories can include; behavioral indicators, demographics, interests, hiring patterns, chamber of commerce records, and more.

We then run small scale marketing campaigns tailored to this cultivated group of qualified potential customers. This way, the right people are seeing and connecting with content that aligns with their needs.

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