Jack Spades was founded on the common-sense vision that people want real value and real connection.

Through creative marketing & sustainable practices, 
we amplify the growth of impact and mission-driven companies.

performance branding

What is a brand anyway? A brand is how people connect, interact, and remember your company. A brand is the promise you deliver on. We believe a brand must start with a good story. Our approach is based on common sense, people & their voices.

Once we find the right angle, we craft the designs, images, and messaging into a cohesive story that your customers love and want to engage with. Our experts build bridges between you and the customer.

What we don’t do is throw flashy colors & ad money at problems.

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business strategy

If you have a great idea, but need help bringing it to life, Jake Spades might be a useful member of your team. Being entrepreneurs ourselves the past 15 years, creating over 13 companies, and 2 successful exits, we have a bit of experience in building businesses.

For teams and companies that align with our life and work values, we provide the additional consulting needed to standardize your processes, elevate your brand, and scale your market reach.

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human engagement

Every business needs new customers, but almost every industry is over saturated with noise. So we went back to the drawing board and designed a new “full circle” approach to lead generation and human engagement.

Using ethical practices, and a team of talented data scientists, we found a new way to curate honest and high quality customer leads.

With personalized and non-traditional marketing techniques, we then start conversations. These conversations lead to rapport building, value alignment, and a healthy sustainable funnel of new clients.

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Non-traditional marketing

The majority of marketing and advertising efforts produce marginal returns, and often end up feeling like spam.

What if your “target audience” was a handful of people who were ready and excited to buy your product?

With our micro marketing approach, we aim to build personal connections, make direct introductions, and bring conversations to your front door.

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Who we have worked with.

And those we are thrilled to call partners

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The best marketers are gardeners, not hunters.