Business Consulting

Investor Deck for D.Alexander Capital

On a super tight one-month timeline, we lead the creation, brand positioning, design, and messaging for D.Alexander Capital’s investor deck to raise their first $10 million real estate fund.

The Premise

With seven plus years of experience as domain experts in the real estate tech industry and fund management, the D.Alexander team identified an opportunity for a new asset class in short-term vacation rental homes. The challenge was that the timing of this opportunity was red hot, and they struggled with bringing the vision together, into an excellent investor tech that connected with the leaders of the industry.

Our Approach


We rapidly guided their team through a series of design sprints and opportunity mapping exercises, in order to pull out the core elements of their business and fundraising goals. We pulled everything apart and used our discovery process to place it into a cohesive story that made sense. We then applied our proven frameworks and processes used to create successful brand stories, and identified areas to align these best practices with D.Alexanders opportunity.



Building off the investor deck templates that Jack Spades has created and established over the years, we placed the key elements of the D.Alexander investment thesis, and their 5W’s (Why, What, Who, When, and Where), into a story arc that would resonate as sincere and authentic with the leaders of the industry. A clean, professional, authentic, and forward thinking design was created to give their team the authority and differentiation that they needed to succeed.



Through our proprietary execution process, leveraging the creative minds of our team and the collaborative tech stack of the tools we use, Jack Spade’s executed on the completion of the deck in 5 days. By onboarding D.Alexander into our creative process at the beginning of the project, we were able to iterate on the design rounds with lightning speed, and deliver the finished product ahead of schedule.



In addition to handing over the final digital and print files for the investor deck, we worked with their team on email and phone scripts, PR messaging, and investor introductions in order to align their efforts for optimal success.



Target audience

Investors reached during fundraising effort


Investors showed interest

New investors

companies invested


Raised in 9 weeks