Lead Curation & Micromarketing

Lark IT & the Rubik Cube

Through personal experiences understanding the people working in IT infrastructure, we created a quirky & fun campaign designed to demystify the industry and connect companies to a service that they truly need.

The Premise

Lark IT understands that the world of software has become overwhelmingly complicated and challenging. Companies need the engineering expertise of Lark IT when it comes to automation, scale, and cloud service. And yet finding these companies at the right moment in time, to best serve their needs, is very difficult.

Our Approach


Having worked with a number of DevOps teams throughout the last 5 years, we had a solid foundation of the personalities and pain points within the industry. From this baseline, we conducted a deep audit of Lark IT’s past and current customers, the landscape of the industry, and a competitive analysis. This data was then organized and processed through our lead curation software — Waldo.


After designing a plan that aligned with the needs and lifestyle of their target audience, we created the Rubik’s Cube campaign. This campaign invited users into a story that would show them how Lark IT can help solve and align their IT infrastructure, and why this was a great fit for their businesses. These custom packages were mailed to each curated lead, with a personal letter, a scrambled Rubik's cube, and a fun instructional card that guided people towards the first steps of solving the cube... and then elevated that experience on a landing page designed for them. This creative and personal approach connected Lark IT’s sales team with meaningful conversations that lead to new clients.




The Jack Spades and Lark IT teams are working hand in hand to continue building out onboarding experiences that align with the brand promise and meet customers where they are at in life.


Supporting the great work that Lark IT provides, the Jack Spades team works tirelessly to align the brand message and customer experience with moments of surprise and delight that keep customers happy and engaged for years. We believe that a great customer experience is not difficult, it just takes a little creativity and common sense.



The Rubik Cube campaign starts conversations, and empowers the customer to be proud of the company that provides their DevOps engineering services. This leads to new clients.



technologists reached in two months


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New Customers

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