Building sustainable growth

Jack Spades continue to work side by side with the SmartJobBoard team as a true Outsourced CMO, overseeing all things brand and marketing for the successful growth of their niche software solutions.

The Premise

Smartjobboard is in the very specialized industry of software for people that need to build a job board. As one of the leaders in the industry before partnering with Jack Spades, they were still struggling with maintaining healthy revenue and customer growth. 

One of their challenges was that the majority of their customers are based in the US, while their company and team are based in Kyrgyzstan, on the other side of the globe. The other challenge comes from the difficulty in finding high quality customers in such a niche, and fragmented, industry.

Our Approach


For the first 3-4 months of our engagement, we spent quality time with the Smartjobboard team on group video calls every week. We guided the team through our contextual survey and research process to organize and dissect the 10 plus years of experience they had in the industry. Rounding out this process with our own psychographic and demographic research, we took this data and built out a cohesive and scalable roadmap for their product and their growth efforts


The first major project of our engagement was to rethink the packaging and pricing of their software solutions, in order to better align their platform with the correct target audience. Upon completing and launching new pricing and product packaging, we moved on to the redesign of their marketing website, and building out a modern content strategy that would provide a sincere service to the people looking for these products.

Since then, the Jack Spades team continues to work on improving the onboarding and lifecycle experience, and has started building out a new approach to advertising and client acquisition campaigns.




The right customers are being targeted and invited into an experience that aligns with their needs and wants. New potential customers are coming to the website, signing up for trial accounts and converting into new clients. Over the past year, since working with them, SmartJobBoard has become the second largest job board software in the industry.


Since re-packaging the product solutions and increasing the price of subscription options, client retention has more than doubled for both the basic and premium plans. This has confirmed that the right people are finding the product, and loving the product.




Campaign Reach

per month


trials convert into paid customers


increase over last 18 months


increased MRR year-over-year