Lead Curation & Micromarketing

One for you, two to share.

We conceptualized & designed a unique corporate gifting campaign to introduce Surf Air’s group memberships to California based businesses.

The Premise

Surf Air identified their group membership subscriptions ($5,000 + per month) as their highest margin and most scalable product. However, they were struggling with executing on a successful customer acquisition and growth plan that aligned with their brand promise.

Our Approach


Went through the full end-to-end “first time flyer” onboarding and travel experience as secret shoppers. Conducted in-depth meetings with the sales, marketing, and customer success teams at Surf Air. Created and refined prospect lists of the best customers to acquire, through deep ethnographic and psychographic research.


After creating a scalable plan with their team, we designed the "One for you & two to share" corporate gifting campaign. This campaign launched in January 2019, and centered around an "unboxing experience", with a physical package including three complimentary boarding passes. These passes invited the recipients to book the gifted flights, and experience the future of air travel for themselves—giving the sales team meaningful conversations with qualified and interested leads.




Worked with the Sales and CX team to develop an experience for the trail flights and onboarding that was aligned with the Surf Air brand promise.


Because the time and research was taken up front to find and curate leads that actually wanted and needed the Surf Air Group Membership, retention rates on new group memberships have continued to maintain at a 95% rate or higher.



The unboxing of the "One for you & two to share" corporate gifting campaign, and the followup trial flight experience for new members, has empowered new members to refer their co-workers in other departments and other companies. The campaign has thus elevated the expectations of customers more than they expected. This has lead to new referrals and an increase in membership conversions.


Campaign Reach

qualified candidates


conversations (SQLs)

Trial Flights

flight booked in first 90 days


per year in new expected subscriptions