“True innovation is only for the strong.”
If you are ready to build resiliency and discover new revenue streams in your business, an innovation workshop is the most important place to start. 
Our discovery workshop is led by the Partners of Jack Spades. Together, we surface, identify, and resolve new problems that are not currently being solved for your customers, thus allowing your relationships with them to deepen and expand.

The goal is to help your business uncover new ways to build resiliency and increase profitability. 
Identify, articulate, present, and evaluate new business ideas, while learning the principles and strategies of lean thinking and startup building. 
What you will receive:
  • In depth problem mapping exercises.
  • A company audit and data report.
  • Custom developed “outside the box” customer personas.
  • Identify 2-3 new profitable and resilient opportunities.
  • Branded pitch decks on new growth opportunities.
  • Personalized innovation playbook for your business.
  • Prioritized list of revenue exploration paths.
Are you ready to build something great?
We’re excited to help you get there.

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